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The Problem.

Navigating capital through rough seas without a coherent macro strategy. Information noise. The sell-side deluge. Sell-side bias. Herd fables. Macro fallacies. Policy myths. Political theatre. Ivory-towers. No-skin-in-the-game. Part-time economics. Market myopia. Linear analysis. Macro research without an edge…
Without a soul.

The ETM Solution.

Innovative leading macro/market indicators. Rigorous analytics. Clear and concise strategic insights. Face-to-face idea distillation. Building the bridges between macro theory, data, analysis, and real world action. Theoretical consistency. Strategic relevance. Fierce independence. Analytical accountability.
Macro strategy for the real world.
Empirical. Heretical. Purposeful.


ETM Macro Advisors serves

Asset & Wealth Managers • Corporate Boards & ALCOs • Family Offices & HNWIs
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