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Why The Macro Outsider?

Every generation has its Great Battles. I think one of the greatest battles of our present epoch is to survive and thrive in our staggeringly distorted financial and economic world, and then help change it.

The Meddling Classes and their reckless central banking, sovereign debts, cyber spying, cronyism, wars, and creeping technocratic socialism have disfigured economies and financial markets, threatening peace, prosperity, and progress itself. Theirs is a system of Insiders. But I believe the Insider system is unravelling under the weight of economic stagnation, political illegitimacy, technological disruption, and the unshackling of knowledge. 

As this system atrophies, it will begin eviscerating almost everything the Meddling Classes have come to rely upon for their status, livelihood and power. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will give it up without a vicious fight. Huge distortions will be corrected in ultimately reconstructive ways, but this process is likely to be hard and turbulent. My view is that this is the only path to the next true phase of human progress.

This presents significant risks and opportunities. Our task is to stay wide awake to both.

So what does it mean to be an Outsider? To me, it means recognising what’s at stake and figuring out how to thrive in a synthetic system. It means being passionate about authenticity and demanding it everywhere, but first of yourself. It means not swallowing the narrative or the noise or the pseudo-theory that passes for insight among the herd. It means not being the system’s sucker. It means being alert and nimble, and not succumbing to status quo tunnel vision. It means reformation – starting in your own mind and heart.

The Macro Outsider is a journal about thinking and living as an Outsider – inoculating yourself from false narratives, pursuing authenticity, and grasping risks and opportunities as a distorted world moves back into balance.

Become an Outsider and make the next Renaissance.

Russell Lamberti
Founder, ETM Macro Advisors


Doom Porn (Part II)

For all the regressive busybodying of our policy mandarins, there’s the mega-countervailing force of hundreds of millions of people getting on with the everyday task of improving their lives through trade, cooperation, and wealth-creation.

July 18, 2017

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Doom Porn (Part I)

Doom Porn is not an option. It’s to the Macro Outsider what Kryptonite is to Clark Kent. It turns you from a fighter into a snivelling rat. It’ll dull your faculties for purposeful, constructive action. It’ll drag you into a defensive cul-de-sac. It’ll pull you into the shadows of irrelevance.

May 16, 2017

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The Battle of Evermore

There's a war going on and in case you hadn't noticed, you're required to participate in it. The next Renaissance is being made by Outsiders. Those who saddle up and fight for personal, financial, political, and economic authenticity in a world running away from its battles.

April 11, 2017

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